We made things with more info

At Brave we try to be as transparent and accessible as possible, (but sometimes it takes us some time to package things properly).

Below, please find the latest documents we have prepared. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or send us an email at

  • Snapshot - April 2019 - a detailed summary of who we are and what we’re doing; with extensive footnotes and appendix.

  • Brave Intro - a slide deck overview of our approach.

  • Brave Button Overview - a simple slide deck summarising what the Brave buttons are and how we co-design the system, flow and installation process with the people they are intended to support.

  • Button Report - the most recent update on our Buttons’ design, implementation and impact in Vancouver.

  • Coop Explainer and Membership form.

  • Corporate documents and financial details will be shared here. (In the meantime, you’re welcome to navigate to our public Google Drive where you’ll find this and other historical documentation.)

  • Our Privacy Policy (for the Be Safe mobile app).

  • You can sign up for our newsletter or find us on social media (we hang out on Medium and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.)

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