Frequently Asked Questions about Brave’s Bathroom Sensor


Where is the sensor? 

The sensor is housed in a white box on the ceiling of the bathroom. There’s also a door sensor attached to the frame which helps inform the system. 

What will this system do?

It will only alert the staff in the cafe in case you are unresponsive for more than a few minutes. The staff will then check in on you. 

What is in this box?

This box contains a miniature radar sensor, similar to the ones by the road that measure car speed. 

What does a Radar Sensor do?
This radar sensor measures the movement in this space. 

Does it emit radiation? Is it safe for me?

The radiation exposure to this sensor is 100 times smaller than a WiFi router that provides wireless internet. It has been approved by regulatory bodies in the USA and Canada. 

Can radar sensor data be used to construct an image?

No. Movement tracking is achieved without identifying you or what you are doing in the restroom. Radar sensors are increasingly being used to sense occupancy and activity as they operate in a privacy-sensitive way. 

What is Brave?

Brave is a Vancouver based cooperative dedicated to preventing overdose death.