The Brave App

Overdose Detection for People Who Use Drugs

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Screenshots from The Brave App with the welcome screen and a Rescue Plan that details how to respond if someone overdoses

You Don’t Have to Use Alone

The Brave App will connect you to a caring supporter, wherever and whenever you use drugs so you don’t have to use alone.

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    Person-to-person connection
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    Community-based rescue options
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    Must opt-in for 911
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    No judgment. Just love.

Overdose Detection on Your Terms

As somebody with lived experience of drug use, you are the expert on what you need. It doesn’t matter why you use drugs. We only care about helping you stay safe.



You don’t need an account to use Brave. You don’t need to share your name, number, or email address— nothing. Even your physical location remains anonymous unless you become unresponsive and we need to access your rescue plan. We don’t need to know who you are to help you be safe.



You call 100% of the shots. You tell us when to worry and how to send help. Want us to call 911 if we think you’re overdosing? Great. Want us to not call 911 under any circumstances and instead contact your roommate who has naloxone? Will do. Want us to contact your pal who lives down the street AND call 911? Consider it done.



Brave doesn’t collect your data and we never will. The only info the app accepts are details to help your supporter carry out your emergency response plan. And that information is only shared if you choose to reveal it or your supporter thinks you might be overdosing.

How The Brave App Works

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    Download The Brave App on your Android or Apple device. It will work anywhere you have a cellular signal or Wi-Fi access.
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    Set up a Rescue Plan that details how, when, and who will be sent for help in the event you overdose.
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    Anonymously and privately connect to a Brave Supporter through the app before you use drugs alone.
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    Your Supporter will ask you for some basic details about the type of drugs you’re using and ask you about your Rescue Plan. They will stay on the line with you until you feel that you are safe.
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    If you become unresponsive, your Supporter will send help according to the instructions you provided in your Rescue Plan.
A person who uses drugs and a volunteer supporter using The Brave App to review a Rescue Plan together

Interested in Implementing The Brave App in Your Community?

Learn about customized community-wide solutions.

Be Brave with Us


Want to support other PWUD? Become a Brave Supporter to take calls from people at risk of overdosing.

Join the Co-Op

Your voice matters. Once you’ve downloaded the app, we invite you to join our cooperative. You’ll get a direct say in the governance of Brave.

Share Feedback

Have feedback about The Brave App? We want to learn from you. Please share your experiences, ideas, and insights through our feedback survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video seems like a really great idea, and it's possible that at some point in the future a limited (and optional) video feature will be available.

There are 2 primary reasons why we do not currently support video right now:  

1) Video can complicate anonymity. People have privacy concerns about video, even if it's not turned on. Just having the option in the app at all makes some people quite uncomfortable given the current context of the Drug War, which is experienced differently depending on what region of the US and Canada you are calling from.

2) Video isn't easy to do. Making a call over the internet takes less than 10% of the network strength to maintain than a video call. As everyone who has had to make a video conference call knows, setting up the mic and video and ensuring you can hear/see each other often takes a few minutes. Not only do a lot of people have limited access to strong Wi-Fi and cellular networks, spending extra time to set up video when you're also trying to get your gear set up to use can be really frustrating!

In most cases, we recommend that Callers wait to use on the call, so that a few important things can be discussed in the beginning. This discussion only takes a couple of minutes, and goes even faster if a Rescue Plan is already completed.

Every call starts with checking the Rescue Plan. Your Supporter will ask you to briefly tell them about your Rescue Plan and they will ask you to check if the Rescue Plan you are using is correct. You can check this by clicking the grey bar towards the bottom of the screen while in the call.

Ideally, you should communicate what you want to happen if you are unresponsive to your Supporter during this discussion. They can't see your Rescue Plan unless it is released, and it is helpful for a Supporter to start a rescue knowing if you want them to call EMS or your designated responder, or both.

Sometimes Callers want Supporters to only call 911, and sometimes they want Supporters to call the designated responder first before 911 is called. Letting your Supporter know clearly what you want can help make sure you are comfortable with the response in an emergency.

Your Supporter will also ask questions like:

  • What drug(s) you are using
  • How you are using (snorting, smoking, injecting, etc)
  • General location information (US or Canada)
  • If you have naloxone
  • If there are there any special instructions entered into your Rescue Plan, like front door codes, etc.

You do not need to answer these questions, but the information can be helpful for your Supporter. Nothing you say to your Supporter will ever be shared, and will not be linked to you in any way.

We ask that everyone, Caller or Supporter, treats each other with respect, kindness, and consideration. Judgement, shame, and stigma have no place here.

Only Callers can end calls, which you can do at any time simply by hanging up. You'll be asked to confirm that you want to end the call before the call ends.

You can switch your Supporter status on or off by using the toggle on the home screen of your app.

You will only see this toggle if you have completed the training and have received the join code to join the Brave App Public Community as a Supporter.

You can become a Supporter in 4 easy steps.

1) Complete a short online training course that will give you a solid background in the knowledge you need to take calls.

2) Schedule a test call with someone at Brave.

3) Join our Support Hub and connect with other Supporters.

4) Schedule your first on-call shift times and start taking calls.

We take calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week across 5 time zones, so we appreciate the time our Supporters give!

If you need to change Supporter during a call for any reason, you can ask your Supporter to transfer you - this is never a problem!

If you feel really uncomfortable asking, you can also just push the three vertical dots next to your Supporter's name. This will give you options to choose from, one of which is to transfer the call to to another Supporter.

No. Our calls are voice only. There is no way for anyone to see you through the app.

No. Your address only ever even has a chance of being released to your Supporter if you become unresponsive during the call.

If you are not responsive during the call, your Supporter will push a button using the app on their end that will start a 20-second timer that counts down on the screen.

If you click the green button that says 'I'm Ok' this timer will stop and your Rescue Plan will not be shared.If you are unable to see this alert and stop the timer, when the 20 seconds has counted down, your Rescue Plan will be released so that your Supporter can follow it, calling EMS or your designated responder to come and help.

Your address is only released if you are unresponsive and unable to communicate to your Supporter that you are okay, and your address is only used by your Supporter, in that moment, to get you help. Your address is not retained or used in any other way.

To make a call using The Brave App, open the app and push the green and white phone button at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, you will have the option to choose a Rescue Plan and make a call. If you don't have a Rescue Plan yet, you can make one by going back to the home screen and clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to bring up the Settings menu. From there, you can select My Rescue Plans and edit or add a Rescue Plan at any time. If you have trouble, let your Supporter know and they can make a Rescue Plan with you while on the call.  

When you're ready, hit the green button on the bottom of the screen that says 'Call' and you will be connected to a Supporter.