Overdose Detection in Action

Brave’s Overdose Detection tools work wherever and whenever people use drugs.

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Spaces Made Safer with Brave Tools

Public spaces across North America are using Brave Overdose Detection tools to keep their communities safe.

Hear from Folks Who Are Doing the Work

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Jackie Forman
CEO at Company

"This app is amazing, if for no other reason because it saves lives. But also because it promotes community members to be involved in supporting their own community by meeting people where they're at!"

Erin Styles
Android app store review

"[The Brave system is] incredible. I just love the peace of mind it’s given me, especially on graveyard [shifts]. It’s given the whole building more of a sense of security."

Building Manager

"Covenant House Vancouver is grateful for the peace of mind the Brave Sensors bring to our Drop-In Centre. Thank you, Brave, for this innovative tool that will help us serve our community."

Michael Whitehouse
Manager of Community Support Services
Covenant House Vancouver

Real World Stories

Brave Buttons in a Supported Housing Building in Vancouver

A supported housing building in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside was struggling with a rise in fatal overdoses. They made the decision to install Brave Buttons in each of its 20 units.

The project quickly made a big impact on the community’s safety and well being. In the first 105 days, the buttons were pressed 472 times, instantly connecting residents with staff support.

1 building
20 buttons
472 connections to care
33 critical overdose interventions
A Vancouver street with a supportive housing building in the background

Brave Buttons in Low-Barrier Supportive Housing in Vancouver

A Vancouver-based low-barrier supportive housing building installed Brave Buttons in all room units to connect its residents to caring staff during times of need. In the first two quarters, residents used the buttons 488 times.

Using the Brave chatbot, staff easily recorded notes and details about button requests in real-time, creating rich data about the nature of emergency services provided. Aside from overdose reversal and substance use support, buttons were also used to request support for unsafe guests, personal safety, and neighbors in trouble.

488 connections to care
100% response rate
14 critical overdose interventions
A birds-eye view of Vancouver

Brave Sensors in Vancouver Urgent Care Center

REACH Centre is an urgent and primary care center that supports community health and well being through primary health care, and social programs, and educational services. Staff workload and stress levels were rising due to the overdose crisis.

REACH installed Brave Sensors in all four of its public washrooms, immediately improving patient and staff well being.

Reduced risk of washroom overdose
Decreased staff stress levels
Improved staff focus
Greater sense of community calm
Many buildings in Vancouver including an urgent care centerA single Brave ceiling and door sensor.

Ready to Protect Your Community from Fatal Overdose?

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