Brave Overdose Detection System

For Communities Tackling the Overdose Crisis

Public health groups and harm reduction service providers use the Brave Overdose Detection System to provide anonymous remote supervision for people using drugs alone. Detect overdoses before they’re fatal so you can activate life-saving community or emergency response.

  • Reduce overdose risks and rates
  • Decrease emergency hospital visits from overdose events
  • Identify trends in overdose incidents and escalations
  • Eliminate the stigma of accessing services
  • Reach more people who use drugs (PWUD)
  • Connect PWUD to wraparound services like naloxone, safer supplies, and treatment programs

Ready to stop overdose deaths in your community?

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Screenshots from The Brave App with the welcome screen and a Rescue Plan that details how to respond if someone overdoses

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Stopping Overdose Deaths One Connection at a Time

Brave’s technology has connected thousands of people across Canada and the US with remote supervision and overdose responses.




rescues initiated


of rescues de-escalated


lives saved

Connection, Support & Impact

The Brave Overdose Detection System combines technology, human support, and real insights to deliver connection, support, and impact.


The Brave App

A smartphone application that connects people using drugs alone with remote supervision and anonymous overdose support.

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    Virtual, one-to-one connection wherever and whenever people use drugs
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    Easy access to local wrap-around services
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    Private labeling available

Brave Virtual Service Management System

A comprehensive support and resource system for harm reduction service providers to deliver 24/7 virtual caring connection wherever and whenever people use drugs.

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    Virtual staff room
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    Supporter vetting
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    Supporter training program

Brave Reporting

An engagement and reporting system that proves the impact of public health funding without compromising people’s privacy.

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    Usage measurement
  • check
    Anonymous call logs
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    Outcome-based reporting

A Virtual SCS in Your Community’s Pocket

Supervised consumption works. It’s proven to significantly reduce overdose fatalities in practicing areas. But communities in North America have struggled to get life-saving supervised consumption sites sanctioned and approved by the public.

The Brave Overdose Detection System makes virtual supervised consumption accessible to everyone, especially those most at risk.

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    Designed for and with PWUD
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    Reliable overdose detection
  • check
    24/7 one-to-one connection
  • check
    Safe, secure, and anonymous
  • check
    Community and emergency response options
  • check
    Directory for local wraparound services
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    Capable of serving remote communities
A person who uses drugs and a volunteer supporter using The Brave App to review a Rescue Plan together

Prove the Impact of Public Health Funding

The Brave Overdose Detection System empowers service providers and public health funders with the data they need to understand what’s happening in their communities. The platform delivers access to real-time and historical reports that reveal quantitative and qualitative insights about local trends.

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    Get critical insights to better understand substance use and overdose trends.
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    Track the number and rate of emergency escalations.
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    Identify when overdose incidents are increasing.
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    Better tie public health funding to measurable outcomes.

Giving Communities Peace of Mind

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Jackie Forman
CEO at Company

“This app is evidence that there are innovative and respectful ways to keep the people that we love safe while using drugs.”

E. Loska

“Why isn’t this everywhere? This needs to be everywhere.”

John Howard Society

“This app is amazing, if for no other reason because it saves lives. But also because it promotes community members to be involved in supporting their own community by meeting people where they're at!”

E. Styles

Co-Designed with PWUD and Those Who Love Them

For Overdose Detection tools to be effective, they must be tailored to the needs of those most at risk of overdose.

Thousands of people who use drugs (PWUD), along with dozens of organisations striving to solve the opioid overdose crisis, have co-designed The Brave App.

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    People who use drugs
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    Healthcare providers
  • check
    Harm reductionists
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    Emergency services
  • check
    Research groups
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    Government agencies
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    Public health groups

Spaces Made Safer with Brave

Public spaces across North America are using Brave Overdose Detection tools to keep their communities safe.

Ready to Solve the Overdose Crisis in Your Community?

If you’d like to learn more about implementing the Brave Overdose Detection System in your community, we’d love to connect with you. Send us a note and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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