Overdose Detection Saves Lives

Brave makes overdose detection tools that activate life-saving community response.

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Two people hugging in front of an open sky after one of them recovered from an opioid overdose thanks to Overdose Detection

Overdose Detection Works Wherever and Whenever People Use Drugs

The Brave App, Brave Buttons, and Brave Sensors help keep people who use drugs alone safe(r).


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Brave’s Overdose Detection Tools

A person who uses drugs entering their overdose Rescue Plan into The Brave App

The Brave App

For People Who Use Drugs

The Brave App connects people who would otherwise use drugs alone with remote supervision and overdose support, while protecting their privacy, anonymity, and autonomy. No judgment. Just love.

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Brave Overdose Detection System

For Communities Tackling the Overdose Crisis

Public health groups and harm reduction service providers use Brave Overdose Detection System to provide anonymous remote supervision for people using drugs alone. Detect overdoses before they’re fatal so you can activate life-saving community or emergency response.

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Brave Buttons

For Shared and Supportive Housing Buildings

Supportive housing operators use Brave Buttons to connect people at risk of overdose to staff support, ensuring safe(r) drug use and keeping residents alive.

Brave Sensors

For Care Centers, Civic Spaces, and Buildings with Public Bathroom Access

Brave Sensors detect potential overdoses in bathrooms and washrooms and instantly alert on-site personnel. They give frontline workers peace of mind, while respecting people’s privacy and keeping communities safe.

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An Overdose Detection sensor installed inside a public bathroomA single Brave ceiling and door sensor.

Why Overdose Detection?

Despite harm reduction practices, drug testing, and efforts to ensure safe supply, overdose occurs every day. But overdose fatalities don’t have to. Most overdoses are reversible with the quick administration of naloxone.

To be reversed, an overdose must first be detected.

That’s where Overdose Detection comes in.

Brave exists in the space between prevention and reversal—in the 5-minute span where we can detect an overdose and activate a life-saving intervention.

Overdose Detection saves lives.

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Three rectangles with the words Overdose Prevention, Overdose Detection, and Overdose Response connected by a dotted line

Spaces Made Safer with Brave Tools

Public spaces across North America are using Brave Overdose Detection tools to keep their communities safe.

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Jackie Forman
CEO at Company

"[The Brave system is] incredible. I just love the peace of mind it’s given me, especially on graveyard [shifts]. It’s given the whole building more of a sense of security."

Building Manager

"Covenant House Vancouver is grateful for the peace of mind the Brave Sensors bring to our Drop-In Centre. Thank you, Brave, for this innovative tool that will help us serve our community."

Michael Whitehouse
Manager of Community Support Services
Covenant House Vancouver
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Be Brave. Help End Overdose Fatalities.

Together we can accomplish the one thing that matters most: making overdose fatalities a thing of the past.

A person looking at information about the Brave Technology Co-Op on their mobile phone

The Brave Co-Op

Brave operates as a cooperative that’s co-owned and democratically governed by our members. Anyone who uses our products, or works at or invests in Brave, can join. Co-op members control our future, co-design our products, and share in our profits.

Two people studying Brave’s volunteer training course so they can learn how to help people who use drugs stay safe


Brave Supporters help keep people safe when they’re using drugs alone. They take calls from people at risk of an overdose and send help when needed. Getting started is as simple as completing an online training course.

Two harm reductionists sitting a table talking about ways to solve the overdose crisis


Thankfully, we’re not the only ones trying to solve the overdose crisis. Our technology is made possible by the work of many others. We openly exchange knowledge and create solutions with research bodies and harm reduction service providers around the world on this shared mission.