The Overdose Crisis and Brave’s Philosophy

Never before have so many people died from accidental overdoses - in 2017, there were over 68,000 deaths in the United States and over 2,900 deaths in Canada.

There has yet to be a single death in a Supervised Consumption Site - and the massive expansion of British Columbia’s Take Home Naloxone program has saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. Both of these efforts fall under the umbrella of harm reduction - an approach that emphasizes the safety and humanity of all people, including all people who use drugs. Which includes people who take recreationally, for fun, as well as those who suffer from substance use disorder.

We take our lead from the harm reduction movement - and seek to extend its impact as far as we can.

If you wish to learn more about the crisis and about harm reduction, we recommend the following resources:


Platform Cooperativism

Cooperatives are collectively owned and democratically controlled organizations. Brave is a platform cooperative - a democratically controlled and collectively owned digital platform.

Imagine that if every time you posted a status update to Facebook or uploaded a video on Youtube, you were rewarded with a piece of the ownership of each company, and given a voice in it’s decision-making. Although it sound strange, this is actually only fair - you create value on digital platforms all the time, but rarely share in it directly. Instead, all this user-created value is funneled to companies and investors.

We want to do things differently at Brave by empowering our users to make the platform work for them, and to share in the value created on it.

To learn more about platform cooperativism we recommend the following resources: